Orange Blossom

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Orange Blossom
Cannabis Strain


Stress is no match for this high-THC strain. Very calm and uplifting cerebral high that leaves your body feeling melty. The scent and flavor of this hybrid is outstanding — like orange soda. Happy vibes are likely. Complete silliness is possible.

Good for:

Depression, Stress, Nausea

What are the critics saying about Orange Blossom?

"This strain combines equal measures carefree euphoria with calming physical effects that make it ideal for leisurely activities."

"The taste was in line with the smell, light and citrusy, however the high was surprisingly heavy."

"This long-lasting buzz starts with a happy mood boost that gives you a positive outlook and a sense of calm, although it does so without increasing your energy at all."

What are people saying about Orange Blossom?

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