Jenny Kush

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Jenny Kush
Cannabis Strain


This is the perfect “chill pill” strain for when you’re having a bad day and need to snap out of it. You can still function as normal, but with an instant attitude adjustment. Very relaxing hybrid with a mellow, uplifting high. Tastes great — like citrus with a hint of vanilla.

Good for:

Stress, Nausea, Depression

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What are the critics saying about Jenny Kush?

"Providing soothing relaxation with an uplifting burst, Jenny Kush is suitable for use any time of the day."

"Jenny Kush contains a moderate to high amount of THC which has been measured from 15-20%. This makes her still potent enough to deliver a good high but without needing to go to extremes."

"The aroma is surprisingly spicy and tropical, with an earthy floral yet somehow zesty bouquet that’s released as the nugs are smoked."

What are people saying about Jenny Kush?