Green Ribbon

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Green Ribbon
Cannabis Strain


This high-THC sativa is intensely cerebral. Thoughts are extremely focused. Maybe too focused for some people. Emotions may be amplified. Great for a productive day of making important decisions or socializing. Also great for daytime pain relief.

Good for:

Pain, Depression, Stress

What are the critics saying about Green Ribbon?

"The light green buds have a subtle floral scent and are slightly fruity, lending to an earthy taste. Green Ribbon generally has a high THC content around 18-20%."

"This is definitely a powerful strain. It seems to have an ability to mold to your state of mind; if you remain active it should be easy to fight off the influence of the sleep-inducing Afgoo strain."

"The herb delivers a rush to the head at first that may feel like euphoria, happiness, creativity, and/or sociability. It might induce a couch-lock coupled with an uplifting high. Either way, the effects are powerful."

What are people saying about Green Ribbon?

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