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Dutchberry Cannabis Strain


This strong hybrid is high in THC and CBD, perfect for dealing with pain and anxiety. It will leave you relaxed and happy, effortlessly socializing. May bring out your goofy side with giggling. Expect to be more talkative than usual — not great if you have a big secret to keep.

Good for:

Stress, Depression, Fatigue

What are the critics saying about Dutchberry?

"With a chemical profile that falls around 27% THC and 8% CBD, Dutchberry has one of the highest cannabinoid contents available in the marketplace today."

"Dutch Berry has been selectively bred to have as much as 8% CBD. This strain is no slouch when it comes to THC, though -- Artizen claims THC levels as high as 27%."

"Like its name suggests, this bud has a delicious berry flavor that melts on your tongue with touches of sweet earth and sugary vanilla."

What are people saying about Dutchberry?

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