Deep Purple

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Deep Purple
Cannabis Strain


This heavy indica strain is appreciated for its sweet grape taste and relaxing effect. Expect extreme couchlock and giggling for hours. Starts out with a head high that relaxes into a euphoric body high. The purple buds smell like grapes and lavender.

Good for:

Stress, Pain, Insomnia

What are the critics saying about Deep Purple?

"Deep Purple from TGA Genetics was created to include the best traits from Purple Urkle and Querkle, and to bring out more of that incredible grape taste."

"A potent indica that only reveals its full sedative potential as the high wears on, Deep Purple is excellent to hoard for solo enjoyment."

"This dank strain boasts a moderately high 18-22% THC level and a soothing mix of cerebral and body highs."

What are people saying about Deep Purple?

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