Death Bubba

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Death Bubba
Cannabis Strain


This long-lasting, powerful indica knocks out pain and locks you to the couch. Not recommended for daytime use if you plan to get anything done. Great for relieving anxiety, boosting spirits and helping you get a good night’s sleep. Huge grins are a possible side effect.

Good for:

Stress, Depression, Insomnia

Photo from Hybrid Fast

What are the critics saying about Death Bubba?

"Its semi-sedative effects lock the consumer to the couch, unknotting tension and soothing minor physical discomfort with ease."

"By crossing Bubba Kush and Death Star, Matteo Suleyman of Sea to Sky has given users the restful slumber of a corpse with this incredible strain."

"Psychologically, the way this strain uplifts the spirit and bring about a full-bodied relaxation makes it useful in wiping out stress."

What are people saying about Death Bubba?

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