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Chocolope Cannabis Strain


This fun and functional strain is perfect for daytime use. Clears your head so you can focus on getting stuff done. Long afterwards you’ll still be feeling uplifted and motivated. Won’t give you the munchies as much as some strains. Great strain for socializing.

Good for:

Stress, Depression, Pain

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Photo from xGraffEcosse

What are the critics saying about Chocolope?

"The hefty sativa buds give earthy, sweet coffee flavors that provide a dreamy, cerebral effect."

"A sativa-dominant combination of Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze, Chocolope is just weird enough to exist, the kind of strain that only a stoner could love."

"With so many different types of haze put together it is no wonder why Chocolope is known to predominantly affect the head with a tranquil mind-warp."

What are people saying about Chocolope?

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