Charlie Sheen

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Charlie Sheen
Cannabis Strain


Definitely not a daytime strain unless you plan to spend your day in bed. This powerful hybrid will knock out your pain and separate your mind from your body. Enjoy a relaxed euphoria for as long as you can stay awake, which isn’t likely to be very long. Great for insomnia.

Good for:

Stress, Depression, Lack of Appetite

What are the critics saying about Charlie Sheen?

"The effects are relaxing and uplifted, with a lengthy, sleepy come-down great for pain relief and insomnia."

"Thick dense buds gleaming with a resinous coating and perfectly formed trichs literally slap you in the face with anticipation from the second you pull it out of your medicine container."

"It may not be as potent as tiger blood (whatever that is), but Charlie Sheen nevertheless delivers considerable mental and physical effects."

What are people saying about Charlie Sheen?

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